Gay christians

why do christians and catholics exclude gay people. what happened to judge not unless the be judged. and why can’t you be a gay christian.

also if your going to be a d-bag don’t awnser

Answer #1

I have at least 5 friends who are bi or gay and im not the type to judge but I do not hate them.there jut who they are and I accept that! they are awesome!! I love bi and gay people! they are not afraid of anything!and plus im not a DEEP christian who reads the bible/goes to church. but I am Definitely christian

Answer #2

all I have to say is YOSAKI took the words right out of my mouth… I love God and always have thats the God I know not the god some christians make him out to be He’s a loveing God… im a christain, but I will defend someone who’s being attacked by a christain… and there shoveing there beliefes down someons throat.

Answer #3

Its easier to read the first time… n___n

After that, the more you read it, the more mistakes you find, and it eventually becomes incomprehensible.

Answer #4

its because ure perpose on this world is not to be with the same sex it is to pair with the opisite sex and createjan offspring and theres a person out there for everyone the person is of the opiste sex so think about it if you go with the oppisite sex ure cheating somoene out of there chance at true love

Answer #5

a christian is someone who follows and loves christ.

there are different demominations of christianity that either accept or reject homosexuality.

I personally believe that people are people, and if someone loves god and lives by him, he’ll love you back! wether you like girls or boys.

and to tell you the truth… a lot of the rules in catholicism/conservative religions we’re introduced to help control society at that time… and what better way to control a society (at that time) that valued religion so much as to be willing to DIE for it. the rulers threatened their souls… and the people followed.

the bible was written by man. I dont know or care what anybody else believes… im here for a reason, and that reason is to LOVE. whoever, whatever… just love. …its the only commonality between all respectable world religions… LOVE.

…you dont hafta be straight to be a christian. you hafta love god to be a christian. thats it. …you may hafta be straight to fit into a CATAGORY of christians… but who needs labels? …only soup cans need labels.

Answer #6

A homosexual’s sins are no worse than a heterosexual’s sins. Everyone is guilty of sin. Everyone should repent and turn away from their sins. For me to condemn a homosexual would be hypocritical because I am also guilty of sin. Genesis 2:24 says, “Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.” Sex is to be enjoyed within the context of a marriage between a man and a woman.

Answer #7

Any christian, christian organization, or church that ‘excludes’ homosexuals, are committing an act of total hypocrisy and utter defiance of the god and religious beliefs they claim to be representing.

Answer #8

I’m christianand a lot of my friends are bi/gay. I dont exclude gays neither does my church. I mean the Bible says its not right but that doesnt give the right for a Christian to disclude you for your beliefs and yes you can be a gay christian and not go to hell. people give there own views which puts a bad word on christianity.

Answer #9

you understood that Eglhsh?

Answer #10

…you obviously weren’t paying attention…

Answer #11

First of all I am a Christian.The Bible is my foundation for living. My answer to your question is this: Whether you are gay or straight, God loves you, Homosexuality does grieve Him but unlike some Christians who are spiritually arrogant, Jesus has always welcomed anyone who cries out to Him.He was despised by the religious establishment for hanging out with prostitutes, crooked tax collectors and lepers. Jesus will ALWAYS welcome you with open arms.

Answer #12

Homosexuals will not go to hell because the words in the bible that describe this fate was written by humans without any direct intervention of god. the bible is nothing more than a book written by a few high order people who wanted to protect their assets so they say ‘thou shall not steal’. its good not to steal. its moral not to steal. but thou shall not steal was based on a man who did not want his livestock stolen so he says that god told him to not steal so no one steals and now his livestock is safer. So, a select few humans wrote the bible based on their biases of the world and apparently the homosexual chapter was written by a man who hates homosexuals so he pawned it off as God will send homos to hell. Haha, I wonder what god thinks about mortals who wrote the bible based on their biases. Its pretty funny actually.

Answer #13

The Bible says homosexuality is totally wrong. But so is any other sexual sin or any sin for that matter, People ‘exclude’ them because it is so obvious and they think they are holier than thou. Also when the Bible says not to judge it means we aren’t to judge a person in a condemning them to hell type way. The Bible does say judge with a righteous discerning judgment.

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