How can I gain weight in thighs, any exercise that can help me?

I am 22 years old, height is5.6 , weight is 52kg. I am little underweight, my upper portion of the body is quite bulky with breast size 36 , I can not wear jeans even I cannot wear short tops. Is there any exercise that can help me in gaining weight in two thighs are not even attached there is a gap between them because of the thinness.

Answer #1

switch to eating a lot of protein this could help bulk up the muscle and slim the top areas that are too big with this, excercises like squats, lunges, and walking and running uphill is good

Answer #2

any exercise involving weights can actually help you build muscle so I suggest you put some weights on your legs and push back and forth just like riding a bicycle while having your butt resting against the floor gd luck :)

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