Does Funadvice limit the number of "likes" that you can give in a certain question?

I had this effect two times when I asked a question and received several good answers - that I klicked “like” on someone who answered later that the others but the “like”-button did not work. Is there a limitation to how many replies you can “like” in any certain thread?

Answer #1

yes 2 per question, to choose best answer :P took me awhile to get this too

Answer #2

Yep 3 likes per question sweetie

Answer #3

thanks :-)

Answer #4

thank you

Answer #5

Welcome :-)

Answer #6

3 per question :)

Answer #7

Okay, thank you. :-)

Answer #8

why do they put a limit opn it though?

Answer #9

Bekka, it’s to stop people from liking “everything” on a post … while it may seem like a nice thing to do, “liking” pointless posts such as “ikr”, or “hehehe”, damage the credibility of this site when potential members who are searching for an answer see that unhelpful answers are being promoted.

Answer #10

makes sence :P

Answer #11

It makes sense to limit the number - it also means that it’s best to wait a day or two before liking because you might have run out of “likes” and then prefer a later answer ….

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