From african to american

Am african and my hair is long and rough I want any thing I do to my hair to make it as aerican hair and they shouldnt be chemicals

Answer #1

Your should be proud of your African heritage,and having African hair.Why would you want to change it to American hair?

You can buy relaxing gels and sprays,which can soften it up a bit,but the best way to straighten it and get it so you can brush is thoroughly is to get it chemically altered.

Answer #2

mmm, it’d be pretty hard to get nice “straight” hair without using chemicals.

And don’t change your hair. It’s better to stick with who you are.

Answer #3

But there are things called hot combs.

That are pretty good, they straighten your hair.

But you have to be careful with them You can get it professionally done, if you want it to look better.

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