what hair dyes 4 restraint gray hair 4 African American women?

I have not perm my hair for almost 3 months and would like to permantly dye my hair but my gray is very restraint. I am not interesting in perming my hair again. I have been perming my hair for many years now and would like to go natural.What dye would you recommend for an afrian american woman?

Answer #1

You could try perfect 10 from clairol.

Answer #2

http://funadvice.com/r/btvdlhfrg85 and http://funadvice.com/r/btvdlhfrtol Are the two I use. I have half Native American and African American so my hair needs TLC and no harsh perms or color. I would suggest trying the semi perm to see how you like the looks and then what I did was get brave, choose a highlight and used permanent. Just remember, the semi washes as you wash and may leave the grey hair a bit rust looking as it fades. The nice thing about semi is you can put it in the same day you do a perm. It also does not dry out your hair and feel nice and soft after. Permanent is awesome,but like a perm, give lots of TLC and deep conditioner later after hour next washes. Use as little direct heat to your hair, I go to the sit under dryer and let that do the job, then it does not fry your hair as a blow dryer does. Good Luck

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