How can you make fried rice and is fried rice healthy for you?

Answer #1

It could be good for you depending what you add to it but what makes it bad it’s all the sodium from the soy sauce. What you would need is to really first learn how to make white rice. If the rice doesn’t come out good then it messes up the rest of the meal.

To make fried rice you would buy the fried rice mix located in the Asian food section of the supermarket or in the spices section. You will then have to decide if you would like, shrimp fried rice or pork and then buy those separately. Look in the back of the fried rice mix pouch for the rest of the ingredients. More than likely they will be, soy sauce, green onions, and a box of frozen peas and carrots and eggs. In the middle of the preparation you would need to make scramble eggs to add to the mix. Also the rice has to be prepared as white rice first and let it cool down. Just follow the directions in the mix. (:

Answer #2

Scrambled eggs??? Ewwwwie I have never ate eggs in my fried rice before! Thanks Elmo(: Much Love (:

Answer #3

Fried rice is one of the main menu in my country (Indonesia) We have it for breakfast and dinner along with a fried egg.

Answer #4

Fried rice is twice cooked rice. You cook the rice itself then with cold rice you cook it again with ingredients. There is a wide range of seasonings and styles of fried rice. Thai fried rice might have fish sauce, basil, chili sauce, and jasmine rice plus desired vegetables and meat. Chinese fried rice might have dry sherry, soy sauce, garlic, plus the veggies and meat. Korean fried rice would prominently feature kimchi. Curry fried rice of course would have curry paste or powder. Biryani is Indian style fried rice with basmati rice, ghe desired vegetables and meat, and Indian spices

Answer #5

Fried rice is one of the easiest thing to make. I can barely cook and it turned out alright. The thing with fried rice is that you can toss any ingredients you want in.

But the basic ones are with shrimp/chicken, sausage (the ones you buy at Asian supermarkets), eggs, onions, peas, carrots, soy sauce, and of course, the rice. I personally like spam fried rice.

If you’re doing chicken or some other type of meat, cook the meat first in a big pan or wok before you throw everything else in.

REMEMBER TO USE RICE THAT’S AT LEAST A DAY OLD. You don’t want to use new rice. It’s so soft, it’ll just fall apart.

Fried rice is a great dish for when you have leftover, old rice too hard to eat alone.

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