French Vovray wine, how to find other white, sweet wines?

So, I’ve been trying to find wine I enjoy drinking with dinner, and my friend James recently had me try out a wine from France, called Vovray. I think that may be the vineyard. Anyway, I’ve had all 3 from Whole Foods and they are great, but a bit pricey. How do I find other white, a bit sweet wines that I might enjoy, ideally for less money?

Answer #1

Gewerztraminer, white reisling, white zinfandel, and liebfraumilsch are all sweet and usually not too pricey.

Beringer white zinfandel is inexpensive and good if you like sweet wines.

Answer #2

If you like sweet white wines you should try some German wines. Germany is rather well known for sweet white wines. My mom is fond of Reisling wines and I’ll admit that they are very drinkable with light meals. I don’t have any specific recommendations as my wine preferences are the polar opposite (I enjoy dry red wines best).

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