What is a substitute for white wine in a shrimp sauce?

What is a substitute for white wine in a shrimp sauce for crepes?I really want to make this, but make it non alcoholic

Answer #1

It should go away after a minute

Answer #2

okayy thanks

Answer #3

Substitute white wine with white grape juice, sparkling apple juice or apple juice

Answer #4

mkayy..and if I dont have it???lol..thts also a reason I was asking:P

Answer #5

the alcoholic part of the wine burns off when being cooked in something and only the flavors of the wine becind and making the sause non-alcoholic

Answer #6

will it go away in 1minute??because thts how long it simmers for..and plus I dont have white wine:P at least thts what my mom says lol..

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