am 19 years old but am wondering how I can convince my parents to give me some freedom to do the things I want without tellin them

Answer #1

okay…all these answers (no offense) are rediculous.

I have really strict parents, so I know EXACTLY what you are going through. I am 18 and I feel like I am so overwhelmed with rules that I still have. If I even walk out the front door they ask me where im going (even if im just grabbing something out of my car!)

so one day, I was talking to my cousin and she told me to say this:

that they have brought me up to make the right desicions, and that the only way I can learn is through my own mistakes.

you dont want to offend your parents and act like you just dont ‘need’ them anymore…you just want to make a point that you want to do more things and that you should be trusted to.

and if your in college: try to make really good grades to show that you are maturing, that has helped me out a little :)

hope this helped!

Answer #2

you’re nineteen?why the hell are you still even going with your parents rules? you are pretty much free now,just try to explain that you want to start on your own now(:

Answer #3

prove them that your independent and that you take caref yourself sit down and have a talk to them.

Answer #4

Well one you are 19 years old! You should not have to explain your self anyways?! I am 18 and I have not had to tell my parents anything since I was like16. But express to them the fact that you are grown, and that you deserve to have your space, and privacy! If they don’t budge a little bit, threaten to move out, because you do have the right to do that too!

Answer #5

well I would be like look I am a adult and I can make my own discisions

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