Are freckles pretty or is clear skin prettier ?

Are freckles pretty or is clear skin prettier ? I have freckles and all my friends dont, am I pretty ?

Answer #1

I think that freckles are really cute! They’re gorgeous!

Answer #2

Which is prettier can be subjective. Some people don’t like freckles, and others quite like them. I think they are pretty, at least. :)

Answer #3

On a girl, freckles can go either way. They can be pretty or not so pretty. As to wether or not you’re pretty, post a pic we’ll tell you.

Answer #4

You can still be pretty if you have freckles. Mom used to tell me that freckles are angel kisses. Be proud of what you look like I have lots of freckles too

Answer #5

I think freckles are really cute! smile


Answer #6

it depends on how old you are

Answer #7

I was wondering the same thing I have freckles some people make fun of me and some say that they love them but ask yourself do you love them. I grew used to them and now I like them!

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