How can I keep my skin clear while im on birth control?

Im on the depo provera shot and my skin is always a wreck. I was just wondering how I can keep my skin cleared up.

Answer #1

Diet has a lot do do with the condition of your skin. Birth control certainly effects your skin, but combined with a dietary flaw, it can make something that’s tolerable really annoying. Regulate your intake of heavily processed foods. Fast food, heat’n’eat freezer to microwave stuff, and most junk food… Artificially processed, hydrogenated oils along with high-fructose corn syrup. Too much of this marginally tolerable half-food contributes to a lot of peoples dermal-disruptions. Just a thought. I don’t mean to imply that you have a poor diet. Or just try a different birth control method. good luck.

Answer #2

I’m pretty sure that birth control is supposed to help your acne…I’m on the pill…and it’s done wonders for clearing up my skin…is that a shot? maybe talk to your doctor about a different form…and it mighthelp

Answer #3

yea depo provera is the shot. its a wicked shot to. I hate it but it makes me not have periods anymore so im going to keep doing it. I dont have what you call a perfect diet so the first answer does help. thank you.

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