Freak in my class

Is it normal to be a female that has male hormonal patterens? Im only asking becouse there's this girl in my class and shes getting on my last nerve and I need to know if theirs somthing up with her!

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how old is she?

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Leave her alone. It's not like its anything to do with you. Just get on with it.

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she might have something like ADD I know 2-3 people who do and I swear I could just punch them, and im a really non-violent person.

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yea it is normal well for them I mean because I had this biology class that said that some girls have their VJJ's but could be boys in thiers minds and vice versa for the boys. so just be patient because you never no she might like you because your nice to her and nobody is because of the way she is. just try not to hurt her fellings if you deside to tell her.

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there are always some people that get on your nerves just ask her if there is anything bothering her or if she has a problem because there could be that happening at home or she could be getting bullied at school and you should be trying to surport her,even if she isnt your friendx

Hope I helped

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