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Ok, I know youre out there, so heres my q. What do you do to get yourself psyched before you do something risky or scary?

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Ahh to clear my mind I dont listen to anything, I will sit there and close my eyes block out the entire world for a minute or so and think about the task at hand until everything is gone from inside but what I am about to do... All depending on what I do depends on how to prep youself.

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haha well me I think about the risks involved and how badly I could get hurt sometimes :) and usually music works pretty good... I also think about the end of it when its all over what everybodys reactions might be and how much I want to see them! Goodluck

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lol, ya I yell at myself or have my friends yell at me before I do something stupid. usually I just tell them to say "man up" and then I'll do it

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mm I do crazy things all the time. but not for attention. most people dont have any idea about the weird things I do for kicks. mainly I do it to please myself. I like the rush I get . the thing I have in mind is not anything that will physically hurt me or anyone I know, but it is a life altering choice. I asked this q because the last time I made a life altering choice I had kind of a mantra I would repeat over and over. actually, I think its a slogan from a commercial, but I stole it cause it seemed to apply and it helped me get where I was going. I also relied on music a lot to keep my mind clear.

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