How do i make my right foot point forward when i walk ?

when i walk my right foot points to the left and ive been doing it years without noticing...its actually starting to affect how i walk and now my knee cap isn't facing forward either...i even stand with both feet pointing either way
is this a bad habit i can stop ? or should i go to my Doctor about this problem ?

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holy, shitt i have the same problem, it might be coz u dont have a lt of muscle on the sid of ur leg.

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hmm its not....ive stood and walked like it for years.... my sister had the same problem and she dislocated her knee.

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my bro has the same problem as well and thats what he got told by the doc, u might be different.

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Foot doctor, yes, they are real and you do need to go. I used to walk like a penguin and still do and it was connected to my scoliosis. I'd go to the foot doctor, just to see if you have any spinal cord issues, or if it's simply your walking pattern.

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Danke Miguel (:

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You're welcome :)

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