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whenever I run or walk for like a mile or so I get these horrible cramps in the arch of my foot(on my right foot). I don't know y. but I think it might have something to do with the fact that I thought I tore a legiment my my ankle...but why would that have anything to do with the arch???
could someone give me an answer or do you think this is something I should have checked out??? and if I do get this checked out what can they do for it???


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You get the cramps because there is lactic acid trapped in the foot due to anarobic reactions (reactions without oxygen). This causes the museles to cramp to try and get a fresh blood flow to your foot so oxygen is brought to the affected muscles.
To releave the cramping by doing stretches. Hamstring streatch- step forward on foot and put as mutch pressure as can withstand for about 30 seconds then try putting more pressure on it. If does not work after 5 minutes gently massage affected area. If you continue to have problems consult a podiatrist (foot doctor).
I suffer from foot cramps too the podiatrist said to prevent do lots of stretches daily but the rest of the stretches she told me to do are too complicated to describe .

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