Answer #1

If you are catholic its no meat on Fridays…but otherwise I’m pretty sure that its just what you decide to give up

Answer #2

so just somethin that is kinda important to u.. like eatin one small meal a day? would that be ligit? i am not catholic

Answer #3

Just what ever you decide you are going to fast from I think. I don’t think one meal a day is very healthy… Why don’t you just stop eating somthing like junk food?

Answer #4

well no red meat on fridays and what ever you wana give up eating during 90 days i believe

Answer #5

I wouldn’t do one small meal a day..most people will give up something like pop, chocolate, junk food, television, ECT.

Answer #6

well i think its from today till april 23.. the day after good friday.

Answer #7

oh ok i see hehe. small price to pay for wat he did. think i will give up junk food. is pizza junk food?

Answer #8

Not necessarily..some people would say so but i don’t think so..i’d just dab the grease off the top of the cheese xD

Answer #9


Answer #10

yeah last year during lent i was pregnant and broke the rules;l lol

Answer #11

oops lol… i for got this mornin and i ate a big lunch feel horrible… but imma make it up. imma just diet nd eat healthier..

Answer #12

Many also fast on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday.

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