How to get "ribbons" like this on my fondant cake (see pic)?

These strips of fondant (if they are fondant) seem so thin…but when I try to make fondant strips as thin as these, they fall appart and are practically see-through. Are these fondant, or actual ribbons…or something else, because I also noticed they shine like real ribbons, and have the smallest most precise markings…please help! ):

Answer #1

did the picture show up? o_o. if not..heres another picture…if this will even show, haha.

Answer #2

this is the initial picture I wanted to show, so if it didn’t show up here it is:

Answer #3

That is part of the icing on the orange one. It was made with marzipan which is a harder icing made of sugar. The second was just tied round and sealed with glue probably. The blue cake one is ribbon and the orange is marzipan. If its thick enough it should hold.

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