Flutters in stomach

For the past 4 days I've been gettin fluttering sensations in my left side of my stomach, my partner has also felt it, the obvious answer is that im pregnant but I have been havin normal periods. Is there any other explaination for this?

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Yes you can be pregnant and still get your period. But you wouldn't feel the fluttering in your stomach until about 3-4 months. Your partner would not be able to feel a baby move until about 5-6 months. And then it would not be a fluttering it would feel more like someone is inside pushing out.

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if it's that giggling feeling then it's butterflies
and it's a gr8 feeling and it occeres when your falling in love or watching porn or something
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This is a real problem for these women. My daughter, now 15, has had this condition for over a year! No pregnancy, no stomach ulcers, etc.I have taken her to numerous general physicians, gynecologists, and even one specialist. However,she recently became suddenly nauseous and began vomiting. This included a sudden fever of 101.3. She happened to look closer at her vomit and realized there were small, black lined,thread-like "worms" in it! We are still awaiting further tests of these "worms", but the doctor placed her on an antiprotazoal and she has already lost that feeling of something "swimming" in her stomach. I use to be able to see and feel it in her stomach too, but now it is gone. First time it stopped in over a year! This is a real condition/infestation or whatever you want to call it. All of you ladies experiencing these symptoms, please keep searching for the proper diagnosis by a physician/specialist.I am not stating that what was wrong with my daughter is what you are suffering from, but I am simply stating there are others out there with that same "jumping"/"swimming" feeling. It is real. There is strength in numbers so please do not stop asking questions and pursuing the correct diagnosis. Good luck to you all.

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This feeling you all are feeling is called streching when you feel fluttering and you are not pregnant it is you are gaining weight, this happens when you are sleep but can also happen when you are awake,it sort of feels like a nerve when it thumps in your skin, its just you skin streching in your stomach

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