Along with the abdominal cramps i feel this fluttering?

Ok so along with the abdominal cramps I feel this fluttering kind of weird feeling in my stomach area but I have gotten my period so what could it be?
Can I still be pregnant?

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I feel it a lot 9n my stomach and I bloat at certain times and I get very sharp pains in my abdomen and I discharge very often more often than I used to

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its probably nothing, it wouldnt hurt to just check, but maybe your sick or something. explain more what your feeling

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wind? seriously, trapped wind can be very unconfortable...try some 'windeaze' there really good...better out than in!

or speak to a pharmacist, most harmless problems have an over the counter fixer upper, if not vist your docs...

and early pregnancy discomfort has a tendency to be located around the pelvic bone area (since a foetus s there for the first 3 mothns) and the stomach is placed just below the left ribcage, so depends on where the pain is, although you can get displaced pain, hence going to see the doc may be an idea! :)

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