What could this fluid filled bump on the inside of my lip be?

I have braces and have had many canker sores but this is a bump thats about the size of a pea thats transperant and has blood inside of it. It appeared and grew to that size within minutes. Any idea what this is?

Answer #1

Herpes :) jk

Ive had that too and i read it was an allergic reaction in your mouth from some sort of bacteria

Answer #2

It was transparent? Maybe a blister or a swollen place in your mouth because of braces touching it. I don’t know for sure, try a site like web md.

Answer #3

I apologize beforehand, because this is really gross, but does it look like this?: http://funadvice.com/r/14nv8ksfcsp If it is, then there’s some information on mucoceles that you should pronbably read on the site. Honestly though, it could be nothing. When I had braces the wires and brackets would irritate my lips and cause bumps and sores. If you’re worried about it, I’d call the dentist tomorrow.

Answer #4

It could also be an acid bump if you drink a lot of soda, or acidic drinks or food such as oranges. I quit drinking soda 2 years ago and if I drink it now I get them later the same day.

Answer #5

I dont drink soda at all, i find it disgusting haha.

Answer #6

Haha, yeah me too. It was just a thought tho ^_^. I know it happens.

Answer #7

BUT throw caution to using Web MD unless you really know your medical condition through and through. I had an allergic reaction and my friend got on Web MD and started spreading a rumor I had herpes on my stomach… I was allergic to the new laundy detergent I bought. So if you are a known paranoid person, Web Md Could make you really paranoid.

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