what flowers do not have pollen in them?

my boyfriend is in the hospital cuz of a knee injury from football (he is out for the rest of the season) and i was thinking about sending him a get well card and some flowers but he is allergic to pollen what flowers do not have pollen

Answer #1

Im pretty sure all flowers have pollen, unless they are fake. I dont think guys even like flowers.. :|

Answer #2

as far as i know every single flower on earth contains pollen. when fertilised, pollen is what makes flowers reproduce

Answer #3

fake flowers, lol, don’t even have to water them

Answer #4

Almost all flowers are going to have pollen since they need to reproduce. However, there are some chrysanthemums, dahlias and asters that are called formal doubles and that have no pollen.

In my opinion, flowers are generally a gift for females. I think you would better off getting him a get well card, and maybe something cute like a picture frame with you and him in it, or something. If you still want to get him flowers though, it would be best to get artificial silk flowers, instead of real ones.

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