What do you think of pregnant women who wear tight form fitting clothing that shows off their stomachs?

I personally cant stand the baggy maternity clothing and dont see why a pregnant belly should be hidden and covered up. Id rather where form fitting shirts that embrace my belly and hug my body. My mother finds it innapropriate for a pregnant woman to wear tight clothes…is this how most people think or is she just living in the past?

Answer #1

She’s living in the past. I personally think the form of a pregnant woman is beautiful and something to be proud of. There are a lot of nice clothes that accentuate a baby bump with class that don’t look trashy and really show the pride a mother has for her unborn child. I know that when I’m pregnant I’d still want to look good and why shouldn’t I? It’s not hurting the baby. I say wear what you want, :)

Answer #2

As I see it, wear what makes you feel good. Personally, I couldn’t stand anything constricting, so I preferred the tent -style maternity wear, but if you feel comfortable in tight clothing, more power to you.

Answer #3

I think women looks beautiful in maternity dresses. Most maternity dresses nowadays are fashionable with frills and laces which makes an expecting lady elegant. I think expecting ladies should not wear tight fitting clothing as it is not only bad for the baby inside but tight clothing make them look like tadpoles.

Answer #4

personally i think she has pride in being pregnant, pregnant women get an amazing skin glow! its hard not to be jealous lol , no ammount of beauty lotions can beat the pregnant skin glow women get!

wear it all with confidence :)

Answer #5

when i was pregnant with twins i used to wear vest tops n shorts, it was the middle of summer, and i was proud of my bump. my mother in law didnt approve and once, when we went our for a meal she refused to let me sit at the same table as her because i had a figure hugging dress on. i was extreemly young but she didnt used to mention that it was always just innapropriet to wear tight clothing. nooooo idea why tho! :)

Answer #6

Pregnant women are beautiful! They should wear whatever they want.

When I danced in Toronto many years ago, there was a lovely lady that was dancing 8 months pregnant , she made amazing money as the fellas loved it. Many fellas find pregnant women extremely sexy.

Answer #7

personnally i think that when a woman is pregnant she should wear whatever she wants whether it be baggy or tight fitting without being judged

Answer #8

I think its fine to weae wat u want as long as it doesn’t look nasty, u know like fat hanging everwhere, sorry for bn straightforward and sorry if I offended anyone

Answer #9

I personallty think that u culd nd shuld wear wat eva u wanna wear. Ur still beautiful witout a baby bump or with, ur still the same person. Nothings changed about u? So y shuld u change wat ur wearing. I think u culd still make wearing tight clothes cassie wit a baby bump or witout :)

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Answer #11

Hate to say it but when I was pregnate I wore tight clothes my man enjoyed them and if I didn’t I felt like a bigger whale.

Answer #12

You are married and have twins at 15?

Answer #13

I totally agree- pregnancy is beautiful, and I love seeing pregnant women in normal clothes as opposed to floppy, baggy maternity wear. I think it’s really nice when pregnant women wear dresses that hug their belly :)

Answer #14

^ I was thinking the exact same thing..

Answer #15

Wow I’m shocked 15!!!!!!

Answer #16

Pregnant women are so prettty(: I think you should defiantly wear cute maternity clothes!The really tight wraparounds are so cute.And if i was pregnant i would never hide my belly(:

Answer #17

I like that women accentuate the bump, but it’s hard to keep it tasteful with tight clothing. In my mind, it’s like the mentality the only way boobs look good is if they’re free and/or uncovered. It doesn’t have to be out in the open to show your joy and pride in it. On the other hand, if it’s hot out or something, then there’s absolutely no reason not to wear shorts and a tank-top, or whatever it is you feel comfortable in.

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Answer #19

I see no problem with it. If I don’t like the way that someone looks then I am not going to look at it constantly (or maybe I will, but that isn’t the point). I have never understood why women let themselves just go during pregnancy and wear clothes that look baggy and momish (so to speak). Wear what you want to, the best for me always is when a pregnant women wears a jean and tight fitting t-shirt. I do want to add that the normal rules of tightness i.e. if you are showing too much flesh and looks bulgy should apply to all human beings.

Answer #20

no not actually married obv but say tht anyway, didnt write on here for judgement i wrote my opinion n i no it dont make much of a difference but im 16 now.

Answer #21


Answer #22

Lol I’ve just noticed how she tried to correct “classy” but not any of the numerous other mistakes! :L spelling and grammar nazis would kill for this.

Answer #23

well I just hope everything turned out well for you considering how young you are

Answer #24

i know, i <3 that kind of thing here

Answer #25

I laughed but felt too mean commenting on it! Somehow, I’m glad you did.

Answer #26

stupid they look dumb

Answer #27

How so?

Answer #28

it did :)

Answer #29

I think its awesome!! I know what u mean im used to tight clothing too!! And everyone has their own style so i would wear whatever i wanted :)

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