What types of clothes would be best to buy for this winter for my body?

I am going winter shopping here in a few weeks, and i was wondering what type of clothes are in fashion but are also good for my body type? I am a 34DD, 5 foot 9, and 150 pounds. I am looking for clothes that are really cute, but will also make me look smaller, and thinner in my problem areas (stomach, thighs.) Pictures and links would be great. Thank you!

Answer #1

go to marshals or tj maxx. :)

Answer #2

Its best to just go to a bunch of places and try stuff on youll never know how stuff looks on you if you dont try it on

Answer #3

I personally shop at Pac Sun, PINK, Wet Seal, Delias, and Forever 21. They have tons of stylish clothes you could try on. But I think you should wear flowy tops like this http://funadvice.com/r/bn015649ibt and http://funadvice.com/r/15g03n0e011 and stuff like that because they’ll kinda hide your stomach and make it appear smaller (plus they’re cute!). And as for pants/jeans, just look around and try on a bunch of different things, and then see what you like. Low rise, straight legged jeans would probably compliment your figure best. I usually get jeans from Delias and American Eagle because they have a variety of styles that I like, so you can try on ones from there if you want. Good luck :)

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