What does the first kiss taste like?

what does the kiss taste like? im nevorus to kiss my boyfriend!!!

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thanks guys!!

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What does it taste like?
Depends what he last had in his mouth haha
Hopefully he will be chewing gum or something refreshing. Same with you, have a mint or something so your breath doesn't smell.

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it really doesnt taste like anything. dont be nervous either. dont worry I was nervous to have my first kiss too. just relax and go woth the flow.

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It doesn't taste of anything (unless he's eaten something particularly smelly, or if he smokes!)

Don't be nervous about it, take you time and just let it happen- Kissing will come naturally to you!


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my boyfriend (who I was going to kiss) Broke up with me today :( And its Valentines day!!! he broke up up with me on v-day!! *SOBS*

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I know it sounds weird, but as long as they've brushed their teeth before the kiss, it tastes like nothing! hope I helped!

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Depends on he way he kisses you.
but in any case it shouldnt be overly wet.

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ohhh ok im just REALLY nevorus

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Thanks!!! but is it like wet?

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yeah but I'm REALLY NERVOUS.

is there a certain way you have to kiss?

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