How to make sure i taste good for my first kiss?

I have never been kissed.
And I'm curious...I hear so many people talk about their kisses tasting like something.
And...I have this friend. Haha, well, friend who I'm interested in.
We've agreed to keep it as friends but we talk about everything.
He told me he had a dream about me and that he kissed me, that it was so real he tasted me on his lips.

Does everyone have a flavour or something!?
What if I taste BAD!?

Hahah, I know this sounds ridiculous, but seriously!!!
He told me he thinks of kissing me sometimes and always wonders what I'll taste like...and I'm wondering if it's just because he genuinely likes me or he's just goofing off...or is there some sort of thing I should be worried about here?

What should I eat or do before I kiss someone to taste good!?


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Ok my favourite taste from kissing has to be when the guy had just had a "Trident" gum in his mouth. It was one of the fruity ones. Try that? But yeah make sure you have a mint or something before hand becomes having bad breath is really a turn off! But don't be paranoid about it! lol
Hope this helped and good luck hunny! x

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uhm well you should just like...try and let him have your taste...not some flavor of makes it more magical

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ANSWER #3 of 10

I'm 20 and I've never been kissed. Always wanting to save it for the right guy...
so mints?
but mints are so traditional!!

what kind of candy? xD

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ANSWER #4 of 10

lol sexiibabii that doesn't work..garlic is WAYY too strong :P

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ANSWER #5 of 10

dont ever fckin eat garlic before a kiss...chew some gum or a piece of hard candy..

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okok lol I know what you have gone through, and I have thought this too...see yes you can taste like something..but only if you eat something really strong say...*thinks*...GARLIC since it is strong in your breathe it will make his sense taste that...but yah besides that there is no actual taste(unless you wear lipgloss, ect.) its just a Feeling that you get that is kind of magical if with the right person... in a way I guess there would be a taste... but dont worry it can NEVER be bad unless you like never brush your teeth and only eat really stinky foods, so if you just eat healthy and brrush your teeth, ect. you will be fine =D

hope this helped.. oh and message me if you need any other help

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lol, I've never thought about it in that way, but I guess yes everyone has their own particular flavor...

calm down, unless you kiss just after you've woken up (or eaten garlic) you wont taste bad... it really has to do with the way your mouth smells

sounds like he likes you?

uhm I dunno, chew some gum? but sweet gum, anything minty makes your mouth all cold...

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My boyfriend tastes nice all the time ... I don't know maybe he eats a lot of healty food but like he hates mints so he obviously never eats them. Don't believe all that crap people are telling you, because I kissed someon (before I was with my boyfriend) and I could smell mint off him so I knew he was after eating one straight before and the tast was Way too strong! So if your going to eat a mint before a kiss eat it at least a half an hour before!

kiss kiss smooch smooch!!!

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I've never tasted anything specifically from a guy, but I have had compliments on how good I tasted, because I had flavored lip gloss on. And yeah, the reason I wear it is because it tastes and smells great ^_^

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ANSWER #10 of 10

Sounds like he likes you! Honestly, if I were him and I didn't I wouldn't see the need to comment that kind of dreams. Be a little cheeky and kiss him first, you can tell him like you wanted to make his dream come true...

You shouldn't really worry about the flavor at all. Everyone worries a bit too much on their first kiss, but it doesn't really matter afterwards. As long as you frequently brush your teeth and haven't eaten anything that leaves a strong aftertaste such as garlic or onion, you don't have anything to worry about, really. :) No mouth tastes naturally bad if it's healthy.

However, chewing gums and even fruit always helps. First time I kissed my current boyfriend I had strawberry lip gloss on, and we both loved it!

Good luck! ^_^

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