What was your first kiss like?

Where was it? How old were you? Was it a good kiss or bad kiss? Im just bored

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7th grade, I was playing truth or dare, I was dared to kiss this guy in 10th grade who I found attractive back then, but when I look back on it, what the hell was I thinking.

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my first kiss was okay.
I was at a gig and I had been talking to this boy for a few months.
he came and met up with me out the front of video ezy.
we were talking and next thing I know we were making out very passionatly!

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it was at franklin middle school in pocatello id and I was 14 and it was juice and lots of tounge but I enjoyed it and im sure she did... to this day im 19 now me and the girl I got it from have been the best of friends and more to each other when were single

how bout yours?

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lets see. lol my first peck was when I was like 5 with mason my neighbor and it was in my garage. and my first makeout was when I was15 with my best friends cousin on the couch of her house... I am 17 now, we are all still tight

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hmmm I don't know if kindergarten counts but yea, and behind the bookshelf with ramzee

and my first makeout was in legends with my current boyfriend 4 months ago and it was awesome :] <3

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Was in year 4 makes me what... 8-9 with this guy I had been with for like 2 years :L:L Was amazing tbh... even thought we were young

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my first make out was actually with one of my best friends. I was there to visit, and then we found ourselves making out. I was.. 12 ? lol but it was good ;D

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