Can i still get fingered and/or licked by my boyfriend if there is a 50% possibility that i have a yeast infection?

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I don't know but ima go with no but I guess you should tell him then ask if he still wants to but you should tell him

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do you think it'd be smarter to tell him in person?

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I don't think it really matters how you tell him that would be the way I would want to be told but I don't know how other people would want to be told

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you can, but 1) if you have a yeast infection, it will smell and you will have discharge and youre boyfriend will taste it, see it, or smell it, and thats disgusting and 2) it could transfer to him and that would not be good.
i would wait until you know for sure. and if you do have one, go to the doctor or to the pharmacy. it can be cleared up in one day with the right stuff (:

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Of course you *can*. Its not like a yeast infection would inhibit the ability to use foreplay. Be warned though, if your bf isn't washing his hands well, he's likely the reason you may have a yeast infection in the first place.

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that's just gross. Don't do anything sexual until you've taken monistat for 3 days. you can wait that long. what a ridiculous question why would you or him even want to do that

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