What is the posibility of someone getting pregnet if fingered?

Well me and my boyfriend were dry humping , we were spooning and his penis was between my legs. I had my thong on still and I felt him pre cum on me. (I felt the pre cum with my leg right when he did it. But his penis was right on my vagina) after I noticed, I quickly cleaned myself off. And then he fingered me. Is it possible for the pre cum to seep through the thong and I was too late when I cleaned myself off to get all the pre cum off? And with my situation could someone get pregnet?

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I would not worry to much about it. it is possible to get pregnant by pre cum but it is very unlikely, if it makes you feel better if this happened recently you can get Plan B from planned parenthood or go to the store and buy a douche and use it right away.

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thanks so much. I didnt think I would cause I've never even had sex.

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like 10% only if the guy has cum on his finger

Can you get pregnant if a guy fingers you?
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it is possible but the likeability of being pregnant is very slim. don't stress over it.

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Don't even worry about it, your not pregnant.

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it happened on wedsnday of spring break.

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