who finds the orange, fake look attractive, just wondering?

Answer #1

Mmm,Well it depends on the guy but alot of them like natural looking girls.

Answer #2

It’s attractive for an Oompa Loompa…

Answer #3


Answer #4

I prefer pale soft looking skin, but thats just my personal preference. Pale is gorgeous to me. I dont mind people who are tan and some people can pull it off, but as soon as you go orange, you have gone way to far.

Answer #5

yeah, good its just cos a lot of girls at my school are completely fake and i think it looks stupid.

Answer #6

Too cool, I know I don’t tan very well, just turn red.

Answer #7

Well I do think the spray is better for you than the booth, have you seen the women with skin that looks like leather.

Answer #8

I don’t. I know some girls find it very attractive, but to me it just looks horrible.

Answer #9

I have girls like that at my school too. They think being that tanned is ‘hot’. They look like they’ve jumped in a bucket of orange paint. It is definately not attractive.

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