Who here actually finds the "jersy shore" look attractive?

I personally find it hideous.

Answer #1

I had to google “Jersey Shore” look as I wasn’t sure what that was (You know you’re old when… LOL)

Not a look I find appealing. I prefer my men to wear less hair gel than myself. ; )

Answer #2

I don’t. I think it looks fake. Orange skin, too much make-up, rude obnoxious behavior. Yuck.

Answer #3

seriously t-shirt time? whats with those flakey printed and glittery t shirts.

Answer #4

I find it so fake and trashy.. it is not my thing at all.

Answer #5

Ew. Way too fake, way too trashy. Hate it.

Answer #6

i definitely wouldn’t prefer that look on me or any man. it just looks like the house is full of sluts and manwhores. lol. i mean i love the show but i couldn’t deal with that look.

Answer #7

You know it’s nice to see the and say they are cute, but they are way too fake, and way too ‘fantasy land’ Bleh:P I rather stick with reals :)

Answer #8

i like jwwow ………she’s my style

Answer #9

Over here (in scotland) we would probably call them N.E.D’s (non educated delinquents), i think it’s the same as white trash

Answer #10

i actually use to hav the look lol i had the fake tan and alot of makeup but then i found it too hard to maintain and i couldnt afford all the makeup and tanning cream so i was alittle dissapointed but now that i look bac, i dont kno y i did it cuz its not like it was that great of a look for me :P

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