How do you dress and look attractive without looking slutty?

I dont want to look sluty but I want to look attractive and have nice clothes that atract people because there cool nt because there sluty

Answer #1

well always dress to fit your body type. and if you really want something that attracts great people but isn’t slutty, wear jeans and a tshirt everyday. it’s accepted by most school dress codes and you can still look hot just by gettin different cut jeans or a different style top. and you can dress it up or dress it down depending on the occasion. it’s always great.

Answer #2

Like I’ve said in related questions,be yourself,don’t attract the wrong attention,you won’t want that. And certainly don’t dress in clothes just to be a cool person,dress in something that you like,don’t try to impress other people.

Answer #3

Don’t show TOOO much skin you can show alittle. Don’t wear shirts that are too tight I really don’t think anything is wrong with tight jeans long as they fit and don’t have your azz hanging out Wear cute skirts not too short or tight and the same with dresses

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