Where can i find a physciatrist in central new jersey that is a woman and is not indian,muslim,or any of those?

Answer #1

Why does it matter what race or religion they are? That sounds a bit racist to me.

Answer #2

Im trying to understand the person.Im not being racist. I knew somebody would say that -.-

Answer #3

Well, I don’t see why it matters what race or religion someone is. As long as they are trained, and educated to do what they do, then it shouldn’t be a problem.

Answer #4

I know where you’re coming from. I hate having a dentist that doesnt speak fluent english. I dont know how you would about doing tht other than going down to all the places and scoping them out.

Answer #5

Why does the race matters, some people like that have some awesome advice to give. Search on the website for local mental health places.

Answer #6

mental ? wtf is this ?

Answer #7

it’s a preference.i want somebody i can understand correctly thats all.,I have nothing aganist indian or muslim.i don’t make fun.

Answer #8

Do they not speak English? I would assume someone that has training, and education in America would be able to speak English. If you can’t understand them, the only thing I know you can do is ask to see someone else that also works there, or go to a different place and see who they have there. You can find different places using a phone book.

Answer #9

You said psychiatrist … A psychiatrist deals with mental health….?

Answer #10

uhm yeah ? if they don’t speak fluent english that isn’t my fault.

Answer #11

I’m not from central New Jersey but where I live most of the psychiatrists are Indian. Then again most of the doctors in my area are Indian, Asian, or Middle Eastern.

I know it is a stereotype but best I can tell these cultures put a higher value on education than we do in the US. Thus, they tend to be professionals.

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