Do you find it odd in one of my classes the teacher said we can't turn in any homework?

His exact words were if you already know the answers dont even bother with the homework cause you wont be handing anything in. I’m not sure if he’s just lazy and doesn’t want to grade work or if there some ethic behind it.

Answer #1

If that’s true, then you’re extremely lucky. That has never happened to me before. There could be a catch to this, just wait it out and see if he’s playing a trick.

Answer #2

No he’s genuinely not playing a trick, he straight said he recommends we do homework so we know whats going on but that we can’t turn anything in.

Answer #3

WOW. I wish they did that at my school, that way we don’t worry if we forget to turn something in

Answer #4

That’s what my health teacher did! No homework, just essays and tests.. He said he hates homework and it’s a hassle.. and that he can tell how serious we our by our test scores each week.

Answer #5

I can understand that, provided he would actually help you with the questions you didnt understand, as that is his job! I have had classes where we had things like that, and it was up to us whether we completed them or not as it was really for our benefit.

Answer #6

(how serious we are about learning)

Answer #7

Yeah no matter what i’m still going to do the work, cause i’m not going to fall behind but I still found it odd.

Answer #8

I know, it seems kind of pointless to have homework but not enforce it!

Answer #9

and you should make sure he is actually prepared to help you out with it, even if he is not going to grade it. If he isnt, that really sounds like he is just being lazy

Answer #10

Haha college and highschool are totally different ball games though. In college it’s all your responsibility, if you dont show up they dont really care cause it’s your loss your the one losing hundreds and hundreds of dollars.

Answer #11

I don’t find it strange at all. We get homework but never have to hand it in. Only rarely in some subjects. I prefer it that way, because then I can actually complete things on my own time.

Answer #12

I know a lot of college professor quite lazy to review student homework. When I was graduate assistant, he gave me to grade the midterm and final exams of undergrad students (written answers, not multiple choices).

However, if you attended a large class (30+ students), instructors would not have time to grade your answers, only quiz maybe. Now many University moves to web base assignment which help instructors to track homework and assignments.

Answer #13

Honestly I had very few classes in college where we had to turn in homework. Usually it was only ever the TAs who were insistent we turn in the homework (it’s so cute how they’re all excited at being new teachers). Otherwise, if there was a problem we would go see them during office hours. They arent responsible for your learning any more, so why should they bother making sure you understand every single thing?

Answer #14

My advanced biology and economics teacher both do that. They say if we do the work, we’ll obviously learn more about the subject, and then we can use those assignments as a study guide. Lately all things are based on are test grades.

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