What can i do to find inspiration to finish my book?

Answer #1

I find that sometimes you have leave your surroundings to get inspired. If you’re in the house when you want to write and simply aren’t getting anything, you could try going somewhere quiet and peaceful outside (nature is great for inspiration). You could also try looking at other arts to help. Paintings and drawings often spark up my mind (deviantart.com has some great art). Looking back at dreams or simply brainstorming the ‘impossible’ works wonders, too.

Answer #2

Frowin’ Red Ryan!

Answer #3

lol…something like that ;)

Answer #4

I’m reading it now. :)

Answer #5

Again? I think I need to write a new one, lol.

Answer #6

Oh please do, didn’t they ask you to write a series?

Answer #7

Yes, but I’ve been busy, lol…I have a second novel on the go right now.

Answer #8

Awesome, put it on the internet for all to read. :D

Answer #9

i agree deviantart does have some great stuff :)

Answer #10

listen to music, go for a walk, sketch, go to the park and watch the people around you

Answer #11

Try write.com, they have myriad tools to get rid of “the block.” Good luck on your book, your first?


Answer #12

go get some

Answer #13

im writing a book too. what i do is slepp and dream about it.or think how the characters are how they act blah blah stuff like that :)

Answer #14

Yes, it’ll be my first.

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