where can i find free condoms ?

Answer #1

At 43 years old you do not know where to obtain free condoms? How about buying yourself? Oh, I’m guessing you have no idea which shops sells condoms right? I think you are pulling people’s leg with your question, you weren’t born yesterday mate. :P

Answer #2

since you live in the US your pretty lucky. there are a lot of condom companies online that offer free samples, as well as a lot of websites full of these and other freebies. use google to seach free condoms in your country, there should be a lot that come up, then just fill in the forn with your mailing address and wait a few weeks. this is the only way apart from getting soemone else to buy them for you for free. at 42 years old though, you should be able to walk into a store and buy them now, unless you dont have money

Answer #3

sorry but its true thats why im asking who gives them out

Answer #4

also if you know any popular condom brands, go to their websites and see if they have any free samples, if you cant find any you could even use there contact us button to request some

Answer #5

Most health clinics will have them. For instance, the woman’s clinic at my university has them readily available in a big bowl in the lobby. Most places related to sex health will. If you don’t have something like that in your area, bum a few bucks and buy a pack.

Answer #6

Lol! A big bowl of condoms XD awesome

Answer #7

Seriously, just brightly colored Durex wrappers sitting out like candy for the taking :)

Answer #8

Let’s see… free condoms???… sewage systems… back alleys… behind YMCA buildings… out of the way public restrooms… in the trash of a college fraternity house after a keg party… I’m guessing is paydirt. You just have to be resourceful. Be sure and use caution when you are handling them.

Answer #9

LMAOOOOOOO. lol almost spat my tea reading that.

Answer #10

I wonder if they make glow in the dark condoms ^_^ that’d be sooo cool.

Answer #11

They do…you can play with them like Star Wars light sabers :) See: http://funadvice.com/r/3k1t1d7vlf

Answer #12


Answer #13

Lol, wait ‘til all your pubes come in kiddo ;-)

Answer #14

I..I…grrr you!!. >:(

Answer #15

lmao well if you want to find a frree condom then just look on the floor for a used one haha. but on a serious note… dunno if its the same where you live but where i am you can get free condoms from your local STI clinic. if not then just get them from a superstore.

Answer #16

EWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!! Gross! Yucky! Gaaah! That’s so yuckkkkkkyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s the most disgusting thing I’ve heard like EVUUUUUR!! :(((

Answer #17

Yuuccck -_- lols

Answer #18

:P Gorgeous connor, if you read the comments with an open minded eye, you will see both Miscegenymiser and Dominic and myself are taking the mickey out of this guy :P….All good harmless, tongue in cheek fun. :P

Answer #19

I knooooooow but its still gross D: and wait how is putting your tongues in your cheek fun?

Answer #20

PMSL connorrrrrrrrrr :P haha your too cute dude….on that note i’m going to bed…should have been ZZZZZZ like 15 minutes ago…cya

Answer #21

Thanks.. O_O and alrightie..

Answer #22

my house : lol)

Answer #23

well have you tried going to a local clinic?

Answer #24

Ha! You are SO resourceful….miscegenymiser!

Answer #25

never use used condoms you get some horrible std without even knowing it!!!!!!!!

Answer #26

Planned parenthood, they give out free condoms :)

Answer #27

yeah and they give out the pill too!!! ;3

Answer #28

thee doctor!! u can get fre condoms from the doc!

Answer #29

the hospital they give them out for free in like this bowl I’m serious :)

Answer #30

heyy cutt him some slackk leastt hes trying to protect himself! dont bee too harsh!

Answer #31

heyy cutt him some slackk leastt hes trying to protect himself! dont bee too harsh!

Answer #32

Okkk I willl cuttt himmm somme slackkk :P

Answer #33

lol yeaa sorry bout the 2 msgs.. its a lil weirdddd cuz i clicked submit once :S

Answer #34


Answer #35

Haha, it’s ok, your format is kinda cute, it’s like you were stuttering :P ..Have a great night or day mate

Answer #36

loll ahh its likee evening timee lol ahh u 2

Answer #37

Uhm, barf?

Answer #38

It’s morning in Oz and almost time to head off to work….continue typ-stuttering :P

Answer #39

Health clinics, school, friends, parents, and possibly doctors. Hope this helps.

Answer #40

thank u 2 all the real people and to all the others(grow up)people ask things to learn when they dont know an answer. And i have my answer so please stop with all the e-mails

Answer #41

lol yea i think everyone knows not to use used condoms lol, i said it a joke

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