Where can i find glow in the dark condoms?!

Lol XD they definitely don't sell them at the pharmacy, and I really really want them O: do I have to buy them online or something?

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XDXDDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXD omg LAWL it would be like a lightsabre XDXDXDXDXD starwars reinactment :P

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I know right D: it'd be sooooooo cool :3 I really really want them.

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They sell them at our walmart, you can always try novely stores like spencers. Any store that sells adult toys will carry them also.

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XD i didnt even know you got them XD im gonna buy them and play starwars =)


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Okay, thanks :) I looked in Wal-mart, but I couldn't find any >.< would they even let me in a store that sold adult toys? Lol XS

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Spencers sells adult toys, but other than that no, an adult shop you have to be 18 to enter.

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That's gay >.> do they check I.D or something?

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Google it.

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I was so sure they sold them at walgreens.

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You can get them at sex shops. Some pharmacies also sell them. I suggest trying larger pharmacies or huge supermarkets - they tend to keep a variety of kinky things.

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This is a site for advice, not a site to refer people to google.

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kinky things x)

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lmfao euan!!

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oh interesting. i didnt even know there are glow in the dark ones :) haha

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Euan, you're insane.

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XD it would be awsome :D and kinky :) if i find them and someone thats up for it im gonna :)


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Rofl XD

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you know whats better then a glow in the dark condom a nintendo condom ya!!!

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Maybe you could order them off the net. :S

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haha i saw one in a machine at the bar by my house where we watched football last weekend

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they sell them at the condom shack, or online

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