Anyone else fed up with the election?

I hate presidential elections don’t you they get between me and my friends and are really stressful I am soo done with the elections aren’t you???

Answer #1

its sooo annoying!!! every time I turn the frickin tv on theres always some dunma$$ thing but the elections. plus its all people talk bout at school how lame!!!

Answer #2

It’s been going on for way to long. WAY to friggin’ long.

Answer #3

You know, you can change the channel or turn off the TV anytime you want.

The people I work with have been whining about how tired they are of it, and yet these same people watched every debate, and tune in to CNN or Fox every night to see how the race is going.

I’ve mostly ignored it, and it isn’t wearing on me. …the stock market on the other hand…

Answer #4

too bad ours cant be like that (england), I am, its always on tv and its always on here, im so tired of hearing all of their names. and its so immature how people fight over who is better and who said this and who did what, people will vote for whoever they want so stop arguin bout it, and I also think its immature how they always pick on one another, obama did this obama did that, mccain did this, palin did that, her family did this, big deal, its so funny that the average person does it and nobody thinks anything bout it but a celeb or politician does it, the world is crashing through. their humans to, we all make mistakes. as a voter I dont want to hear what they did 20 years ago and what palin’s daughter did, she isn the one running, I want to know what their going to do for their country not hear them blast each other. and toadaly, if we turned it everytime its on, we might as a well not watch tv, not all people has a million channels to turn to when its on.

Answer #5

Definitely ready for it to be over - 2 years is quite enough !!

Answer #6

Yeh, in england its okay because they just campain for a few weeks

but this one in the US is just draggin now

Answer #7

Lol. Yeah its getting to be some boolsht but oh well? I dont like Obama. But I hope he wins. If he does our taxes will go up , and to lower them my dad can “give away” his truck as a gift or whatever and “write it off” so I get it :D good stuff.

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