Ferret bedding set

Okay, I have two ferrets, and a ferret nation cage. I like getting new bedding sets for the cage, and I normally order from littlefeetferretbedding.org but it is alittle pricey. Does anyone know of other websites like that one?

Answer #1

Or just go to walmart they have some good bedding stuff, well mostly treats, or petsmart.

Answer #2

Know what bedding my woozles liked best? I got some old fleece remnants from JoAnn fabrics and Hobby Lobby, and I made them sleeping bags. The whole project cost me $3.00 and I had two beds that accommodated two ferrets each. You can either hand-stitch or use a sewing machine if you have one. Super easy, super cheap, and they love them.

PetCo and Petsmart both offer ferret bedding online. Amazon.com and ebay also have a bunch of ferret beds.

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