Fence and the landlord's responsibilies

If the right hand side of my fence collapse, who is responsible to rebuild it, me or my neighbor? On the contrary, if the left hand side of my fence collapse, is it me or my neighbor’s responsibilty to rebuild it?

How about the back fence? When I moved to my house, there was an empty lot behind my house. Now, somebody bought the land and built the house and shares with me the back fence. If the fence collapse, who will be responsible for it?

Answer #1

you need to know where your properety line is to know who has actual claim on the fence in the first place, if the fence was there before you or your neighbor you can always come to a 1/2 agreement on the purchase and installation of the fence. you are responsible for the one on your side and he for his unlelss you can compromise with a 1/2 and 1/2 agreement

Answer #2

It depends on whose fence it is.

If the fence is on your property, then you have to fix it.

There are property boundaries, and the fence can’t be between properties, it has to belong to someone. You might need to have the property assessed to find out whose fence it is.

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