Can I sue my landlord?

My landlord came over the other day and went on a tirade about the lawn and a dog that had been visiting and was outside of the house. He didn’t give me any notice he just showed up. Then we got an eviction notice later that day posted to the door. My roommates want to sue the guy for this. Can I sue the jerk?

Answer #1

In most states they have to give you a 30 day notice to get you out. And even then they have to go through the courts to do so. It’s a lot of expense for them to get you out, then have to re-rent it. Landlords can show up anytime they want, as long as they knock on the door. They can’t come in if you are not there. You also have an obligation to keep the lawn nice for the landlord and your other neighbors. If they don’t want a dog there, that is their perrogative. Whether it is yours or just a “visiting” dog, it doesn’t matter. No pets, means no pets. Don’t let your friends bring dogs over. It will just get you into trouble.

If you are late on your rent, he will not have a problem evicting you after the 30 days, nor if you’ve violated anything in the lease (ie. dogs in the yard). But if he just wants you out because you didn’t cut your grass one month, he’s going to be fighting an uphill battle.

Good luck, and keep us posted.

Answer #2

y suer u can sue him as long as its for a good reason

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