How you ever felt like you're guna be alone in life?

or just had periods of feeling alone…

Answer #1

Yeah i have,and im going to see a physchologist for it.Not that im saying you need to see might just be a phase,but if you keep feeling like this maybe consider one.Because like i believe i won’t find my dream man to marry or have any kids.And thats all i want one day so it’s hard.

Answer #2

Sorry..didn’t mean to post twice.

Answer #3

hey thanks :) yeah thats a feeling i get alri,feel like never guna get a girl like and be alone like i have for some time now. and ive gone into periods before but its kinda heavy lately. think it cause i moved for college and have to meet new people and such and thats a hard thing for me to do. good look in your physchologist meeting tho.

Answer #4

Sorry to butt in, but I also think like that. I worry that I won’t ever get a boyfriend, fall in love, blah blah blah. I think that it is pretty normal, and not really something to worry about. But yeah, it can make you feel pretty down. :(

Answer #5

Ya aint buttn in,point is to get peoples opinions :) it probably is normal in a whole sense,but when its quite excessive for one person it can get ya really down and ya usually just need time to overcome it but its just somethin that can effect everyone so differently at diff scales..

Answer #6

That happens 2 me at night I get rly lonely!

Answer #7

I used to, until me and my boyfriend got together. We’ve been together over a year now, and I don’t feel like I will ever be alone again.

Plus, I have a really good parents…which I am very lucky to have.

Answer #8

I don’t really feel like I’m gonna be alone for the rest of my life (I’m hopin’ my boyfriend and I can stay together for a very long time …) plus I try not to really think about that part…but feeling alone pretty often is a yes for me. I guess it happens to a lot of people…and I kinda do kinda don’t know why it happens to me but it’s a long story and I shan’t explain it right now …

Answer #9

Everyone feels alone at time. Even with other people around. But it does kinda get harder when you get older because you’re not necessarily surrounded by people your own age (like you are when you’re in school). I know it is hard in college to meet people. I’d suggest study groups. I dunno how guys make friends, but it’s how I met all my friends in college. Ask people if they are planning on going to see such and such movie, if they want to have lunch after class, etc. Make an effort. This is something I always assumed in college, that people must have other things to do. I didnt learn till a lot later that one of the girls in my class was also lonely. You’re not the only one, I can guarantee that. So go look for the people like you. And it will not last forever. You’ve made friends before, you’re just going through a hard time right now. Remind yourself of that. Go join a group or volunteer somewhere. You’re not going to make friends sitting at home on your own.

Answer #10

Yes. But then, I consider myself crazy. I have some really great friends, and even when I’m among them, sometimes I just feel that way. Like I’m across a chasm, or something.

Answer #11

Thanks,its really good advice :)

Answer #12

yeah its pretty odd when ya feel alone even when with friends,and not to sound bad,but glad not the only one to feel it…

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