How do you feel about organized religion?

Answer #1

As an eclectic spiritual pagan, I feel that organized religion by itself is just fine. How the organizers go about organizing is another thing entirely. I feel opposed to hierarchical organization, and feel more inclined to decentralized organization, but then I feel this way about the organized grouping of people in general.

Answer #2

I don’t have a problem with religion itself, but I do have a problem with religious people telling me that their religion is superior to any other religion and trying to convert people. I also don’t like religious people who hate others in the name of God… Like homosexuals. And when they take the bible so seriously and when they try to add science to the bible. I believe religion should help people be better and kind, not hateful. And I believe it should be about love. I believe people should be free to believe in whatever they want to believe, which is why I don’t like it when people come knocking on my door trying to shove their religion down y throat…

Answer #3

I believe that EVERY religion should have the RIGHT to organize. What I don’t understand is why certain people feel so threatened by it. There are all kinds of ORGANIZATIONS all over the world and some of them are truly evil, but are protected by political correctness, tolerance ect ect ect. Why can’t people be “tolerant” of Christians too? The people “bashing” Christianity are no different than any other ignorant person who attacks things that they don’t UNDERSTAND.

Answer #4

With all due respect, don’t you think ALL religions think theirs is superior? That’s why its a religion. I’ve been around a few years, and don’t see anyone shoving anything down anyone’s throat. Trying to share their beliefs maybe, but that’s all. Please see my answer to this question and think about it. Aren’t things being shoved down the throat of Christians? I really think you are going to extreme with your allegations. ;)

Answer #5

In the ideal world everyone would be free to follow their conscience so long as by doing so they do not prevent another person from following theirs. This isn’t good enough for a lot of believers. They are so sure a soul magically enters every zygote that they don’t want anyone else practicing family planning. They are threatened that the best scientific explanation of our origins goes against a narrow literal interpretation of a thousands of year old myth that they want thinly veiled religion taught in biology classes as creationism. The idea that kids might fornicate without risking pregnancy and STDs bugs them so they insist on “abstinence only” sex education even though it is far less effective than comprehensive sex education.

Answer #6

You know that really isn’t true, so why would you say it?

Answer #7

No, not all religions think there’s is superior. I have my own religion and my own gods and goddesses, but I don’t feel that they’re any better than your god or goddess. I was stating my experience and I have seen religion shoved down people’s throats, including mine, but if you haven’t then that’s awesome for you. I have no idea why you’re trying to defend Christians like I attacked them, I didn’t even mention Christianity.

Answer #8

I think that people are being way too serious about religion. Neither of us can know for sure whether one religion is right or the other. We can all just believe in either this or that. So I think everyone should be a little more relaxed.

I think it is good for people of the same religion to get organized and do good stuff together.

I do not like it if religious organizations try to influence politics. In fact, I do not like it at all if any organization with a lobby interest influences politics. Politics should be made by the people. Influentoal organizations take the balance away and bias it all towards their clientele.

I especially do not like it if religious organizations try to push followers of other religions OR people who are not religious into their own religious rules or traditions. I think that laws and regulations should be made for everyone. Not for any single group. General laws should be independent and based on common ground. On the ethics that everyone can agree upon, regardless of their religion.

Answer #9

If you dont believe in the Christian God then you do believe yours is superior becuz yours is “real” in your eyes. You cannot believe that the Christian God is real too. They cannot co-exsist. You can say you do but it would not make sense at all. There are people in every religion that “shove” it down other peoples throats. Its not just Christians or people that believe in God and the bible like you stated. Even satanist. People in all religions are gonna hate other people. Its is not right either way.

Answer #10

Not one person is perfect. Whether they are christian or not. Its not religion.. its people and their beliefs. Not everyone is gonna agree to the same thing. Whats up with the family planning thing. I know a lot of christians who are happy to follow by the “be fruitful” saying. Just safely. I think that people should have a choice to be taught creatism if they chose in schools. Why not? Why ban it? Is it really hurting anyone. If someone wants to pray before a football game then let em. If they wanna say the pledge of alligence before school then let em. If they dont them they dont gotta. what is the big dam deal.

Answer #11

Hey filetospfam, what I meant last night is that not ALL Christians feel that way. I for example and many others are all for contraception, just against the “A” word. I don’t mean to be so defensive i just don’t want Christians being stereotyped. We have to realize that kids are gonna do what they will but we don’t want to encourage sex to them either.

Answer #12

Right Pistol Annie.

Answer #13

Thats right. Imma big time Christian and i am not married and have kids. I dont believe in the “A” word. Just safety. I know MANY others like me. Sterotypes is all your makin us out to be. I think there are more like me and onemandog than the people u are metioning.

Answer #14

Still, don’t know why you guys are defending Christians when I never mentioned Christians.

Answer #15

For me, I believe in the Hawaiian and Tahitian gods and goddesses, but I also believe in another “God”, similar to the Christian God I guess. I have every right to believe in both.

Answer #16

When u say God and the Bible its including Christians. As well as every other religion that believes in that God and that bible. And i said “There are people in every religion that “shove” it down other peoples throats. Its not just Christians or people that believe in God and the bible like you stated.” So i was referring to all of us who believe in the same God and bible

Answer #17

U can believe in the flying spehgetti monster but if you believe in the Christian God then you know that worshipping other gods is a sin. So they cannot co exsist or ur ruling out the one.

Answer #18

Kahili, I’m not mad at you and I know you weren’t trying to be mean ok? It’s a tried and true fact that talking about politics or religion is always gonna be a touchy situation. We are all ok here.

Answer #19

Yea it is touchy.. But in all honesty we are just having a conversation. Not meaning to come off as defensive.

Answer #20

I feel as though this entire conversation has veered off the original question.

Answer #21

It’s cool onemandog. pistol, I said a God similar to the christian god. In my belief, both coexist and it’s not a sin. You can have your religion and I can have mine, so back off.

Answer #22

haha wow

Answer #23

Cant belief ur actin like a child over that. I didnt mean to offend u. Just stating a fact. Its cool believe in what u want. “similar” ok thats cool. So then it shouldnt bother you that i said all that. What i said was about the chrsitian God. So my bad kido

Answer #24

If telling you to back off is “childish” then so be it. So my bad, “Kiddo”.

Answer #25

Ok you two, enough.

Answer #26

I think, in modern society, its rather unnecessary - not just the organised religions, but all. Even if there are questions logic cant answer, many of the answers given by religion wont make you understand the questions any better

Answer #27

hehe yes sir. I play nice i promise ;)

Answer #28

As long as their main objective is to reach those in need, praise and lift up the Lord Jesus Christ, truly seeking to do God’s will..Great !!

Answer #29

I personally do not believe in organized religion, but I also don’t think there’s anything inherently wrong with it. I think people take things too seriously and judge each other too quickly, and that is the cause of all of the religious wars.

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