how does it feel to be in the middle of a tornado?.

Answer #1

Going through a tornado is terrifying and extremely loud, ive been through several and am lucy enough to have never been hurt. The exact middle of a tornado is quiet and calm, but it only last a minute then the other side of the funnel hits. Its definatly something i never want to go through again.

Answer #2

Just the warnings to me like Tornado warnings shake me up a little bit but when they get the serins going i get really sad,mad, because its like i have to get all my bags together and make sure i have my dog and pray that my parents are going to make it through along with my neighbors and other people in my family outside of the neighborhood and etc. then i get mad but happy cause i can keep my house and i dont have to make

Answer #3

it sucks…..escpecially if its in the middle of the night. the sound of the sirens get me nervous and paranoid. we have tornadoes every year and this year was the worst because a part of town got flooded.

Answer #4

apparently there is no Way to breathe within one of these. ?

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