Tornadoes if one hits, which level of the highrise should I be on?

I live in (somewhat of a) highrise. I live on the 6th floor, with no other buildings around us. The parking garage consists of 2 levels below the building. Now, let’s say by some weird chance a tornado hits, is it safe for me to go down to the garages and if so which level?

Answer #1

I guess I would get to the lowest level possible without windows- which is the key for getting sheltered from a tornado - getting away from windows.

Answer #2

Go to the lowest level possible. By some weird chance a tornado can hit. It happened in my town last year.

Answer #3

The best thing to do is (if you hear a tornado is coming) leave the building entirely. The trouble is if it’s an older building that it could collapse entirely and then anywhere in the building or close nearby, you’d be in serious danger.

Find out where the nearest basement or secure facility is and know the route to get there, how fast you can get there in case of emergency, etc.

IF that ends up not being the case, the parking garage (provided you can stay away from cars that might fly) would be better, if it’s one of those reinforced steel and concrete structures.

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