What could have caused me to feel suddenly ill like this (read more)?

a couple days ago i was feeling fine for most of the day, then i started feeling sick to my stomach and a little lightheaded. i went to shower and i lost co ordination of one of my arms, i almost fell over, and it felt like i left my body kind of :S i felt really tingly all over my body, and the sensation of touch was magnified, i also was breathing really heavy… i legit thought i was going to die. the next day my joints were sore and i felt so tired, i couldnt leave the house.. now today, 2 days after that im feeling amazing and lifting weights again… wtf happened to me?

Answer #1

We wouldn’t know. It is best you ask this question to a professional. You know…a Doctor?

Answer #2

Well it kind of sounds like you might have had a heart attack. I would make an appointment to see a doctor as soon as possible just in case because these things can repeat themselves. Rather be safe then sorry.

Answer #3

Omg I just looke at heart attack symptoms and I had most of them… It just seems so unlikely :/ but I will def go to a doctor asap

Answer #4

I have actually experienced some of those with the dizzines, tingliness, almost fainting, and out of body experience type of thing. So you aren’t alone there. You mentioned you lift weights? Maybe you somehow stressed your body out? I’m not sure. It is best to call and ask a doctor. I don’t think its as serious as a heart attack. But something seems just a little off. So best thing is to ask a doctor just to rule out anything serious. Best wishes!

Answer #5

This sounds alot like malnutrition. Most systems (including nervous, metabolic, and hormonal) of your body are dependent on certain concentrations of vitamins and minerals that are supplied to your system by a diverse and close-to-source diet, adequate exercise, and moderate solar exposure. In your cases, I think with the numbness and tingling, disorientation, and elevated heart rate (as a reactionary symptom) that you might have a B group vitamin deficiency of some sort, or low blood sugar. Go to a cvs or walgreens or some other pharmacy and look for a B-Complex vitamin supplement. READ AND FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS ON THE BOTTLE. All caps for emphasis! Don’t get paranoid and crazy and take 10 pills at once! I would suggest one a day, before bed, with a light snack- toast or something… For low blood sugar, eat something with some basic sugar. When I feel faint and queasy I drink a glass of cold milk, (im not lactose intolerant) even drinking some tea with a spoon-full of honey (per pot, not per cup!) could be enough sugar to bring you back to balance. Wait 5 minutes and resume as normal, you should feel alot better with your insulin levels back to normal. Note this is not diabetes, it’s similar but very different, low blood sugar is just not enough sugar compounds in your bloodstream, diabetes is a far more complex ailment involving the functioning of your organs. Lastly (finally lol) I gotta say, if your’e really worried ask a Doctor.

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