I found out i'm 18 weeks pregnant with a baby girl.

I'm 16 and having my second baby it might not be normal but for me it is I guess .

and I need baby names for a lil girl!

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Take? so until she gets married she could be called Miss Take.

Axi? she could become a dentist and open up a shop called Axi Dental.

...I only hope you have a job and are paying to raise your kids yourself.

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Gabriela, Sydney, Lara, Jade, Preethi, Francesca/France

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Sophia. :)

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15 and pregnant
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Ciara , Gabrella , Sophia , Alexis , Savannah , Chole and Paige (:

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Reagan, Elia, Keeley, Marina, Jada, Desma, or Zada...they're all pretty unique.

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Kayla or Mia ... I love dem names :)

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go to this website:

it has so many cute baby names.

adopting out my baby im pregnant with

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