Answer #1

chicken Scampi. :D

Answer #2


Answer #3

tacos :3

Answer #4

At the moment it’s tofu stirfry. :D

Answer #5

Fried chicken or steak. Add a side of chunky mash potatoes or French fries along with spiral macronie. And maybe some cake or ice cream for dessert.

Answer #6

i can not choose ;[ too many yummy edibles

Answer #7

Baked spaghetti :)

Answer #8

Pasta with spinach, cream and ricotta sauce with pinenuts and parmasan

Answer #9

cheesecake…. wait, its not a meal…. k, lasagna with a salad

Answer #10

My Mom’s Curry Chicken served with Jasmine Rice and Fresh milk! (The milk helps with the spiciness)

Answer #11

I like seafood, especially catfish fried in cajun breading, clams and oysters :)

Answer #12

Seafood or spaghetti. lol I love this Japanese place that we have here. They serve you lots of fried veggies with your meal and its awesome. I really always have loved spaghetti, my mom’s is the best! XD

Answer #13

Anything with pesto, spinach, or artichoke.

Answer #14

Steak and shrimp yummy! N a potato with sour cream n bacon bits n cheese yummy!

Answer #15

maybe stuffed bell peppers :333 other than that, anything chinese.

Answer #16

Chinese is awesome :]

Answer #17

I’m going to have to say de pui cu mazăre, it’s a dish from my country that is chicken and peas with dill. Delicious! It goes well with potatoes.

Answer #18

Pasta, for sure!

Answer #19

I love cheesecake o_o

Answer #20

the meal where theres a little of everything

Answer #21

Curry Chicken

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