What do you think is a better name for all the Justin Bieber hype?

So far, it’s been labeled, “Biebermania” and “Bieber Fever”, but I’m sure someone can come up with a better name (without being rude, that is). So what unique label can you think of?

Answer #1

Bieber bomb?

Answer #2

lol…I like that

Answer #3

Mainstream bullsh!t. Point blank. Excuse my language.

Answer #4

Yay! :D

Answer #5

“(without being rude, that is)”

Answer #6

Crap… I didn’t read the “without being rude” part. Sorry… Ya know? I really need to read these explanations before i answer questions from now on. Sorry once again.

Answer #7

bieber boners :O


Answer #8

Justin Boober Uber Fest? Lol, I have no idea… xP

Answer #9

without being rude i cant answer

Answer #10

I think Beiber fever works well, honestly. It must be some kind of sickness to like him THAT much. (:

Answer #11

U can’t beat “the bieber fever” lol

Answer #12

I used 2 love him a lot! You know, he was… Um fresh? I dunno I liked his style mainly cuz of Usher- “yhea man!”

Answer #13

i cant answer this without being rude…but i call it stupidity :P

Answer #14

or at all…

Answer #15

teeny boppers, he is just another one that will be in and out after puberty.

Answer #16

Crazy beiber babyz? Irritants? the other ones i thought of are really bad.

Answer #17


Answer #18


Answer #19

Whoops double-ha :D

Answer #20

justin babe. i think,dont kill me if i like him.coz i like him

Answer #21

Beiberitus Wannabe beiber bopper?

Answer #22

I dunno, but he just played here tonight, er last night.. you could see his fans everywhere you looked and stood out with their merchandise and or homemade Bieber fashions face paint etc it was obvious how juvenile the whole phenomena is.. what I noticed most was the loving parents in tow. after his balls drop and his voice changes it will be all over.

Answer #23

omg justin bieber is amazing. she asked what to call fans, no need for the hate comments. here are the current fan names: bieber fever beliebers

i havnt heard it labelled bieber mania, and thats what ive heard so far

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