Who is cuter cole sprouse or justin bieber??

Do you really think cole is cute well I think so <3*colesprouse

Answer #1

I prefer Justin Bieber

Answer #2

AHAA I HAVE JB’S MSN & a social site I MET HIM IN AMERRICA HE WAS DOING A TOURR ;] I GOT A FOTO OF ME and HIM And I kiissedhim and kanye and chipmunk on da cheektht holiday waas sooogd x

Answer #3

Offt, Justin Bieber, obviously, lol, I thought he was younger than he is. poor boy, lool x

Answer #4

Neither boys are cute, but if I’m forced to select one or the other, prefer Cole Spouser. Cannot stand Justin Bieber’s voice, he sounds like a toddler holding a microphone.

Every time I hear Justin Bieber’s song ‘Baby’, on the radio I want to rip my hair out, hate his voice, lyrics, the song and him arhhh. . :)

Answer #5

Justin Bieber is hotter.

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Answer #8

justin bieber by fasss

Answer #9

I personaly think Justin beiber is

Answer #10


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