Favortie Cereal

There are so many to choose from and there are so many that are just so good!

Honey bunches of oats Chocolate cereals Rice krispies Apple jacks Frosted flakes

gosh I love them all but I woould have to say cinnimon toast crunch!

Answer #1

Mine is Fruity Pebbles

: ]

Answer #2

I love Special K Vanilla Almond and Special K Chocolate Delight. But froot loops is a classic! :D

Cereal is the best food in the world!!!

Answer #3

Fruity Pebbels! DUHH! And I like Trix :)

Answer #4

Fruit Loops.

Answer #5

Honey Bunches of Oats either the new vanilla or the new chocolate kind

Answer #6

raisin bran crunch

Answer #7


Answer #8

its all about the Honey combs and Apple Jacks!

Answer #9

I can’t get enough Trix.I eat them everyday

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